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- the backpack -

The following is just some stuff we recommend you carry about with you when you go infiltrating. These are just supplies and such that'll make it an easier time for you when you go in. Of course, some of the items on this list may have you sit there thinking, "Why the hell would I need this?" But believe me, the stuff comes handy when you least expect it. Some nights call for different situations and you may want to only carry certain items in your backpack (the pointless stuff can really weigh you down, which will just make it a miserable night for you as you lug around a 50,000 lbs. backpack...and if you're unlucky enough to have to run from security or something, well, you'd make an easier escape with a lighter load now wouldn't you? Besides, it sucks when you're looking for one particular item when you have a LOT of pointless crap in there..believe me) so again, assess the situation and then choose your tools accordingly. And hey, some stuff you may never use, (I've maybe used a handful of the items listed) but if you're like me, you'll feel a bit better knowing you have the stuff. Infiltrating comes with many unpredictable circumstances and it's a shitty time to be thinking, "Damn, I wish I had brought that (insert item name here)". So, here are a few suggested items that we recommend for a typical "Infiltrating Backpack":

Band-Aids/some form of First Aid
Duct Tape
Gloves (good to get something with a good grip and to protect your hands)
Bolt cutters
Extra Clothes
Screw Driver
Permanent Marker
Gas Mask/Breathing Mask etc. (to protect you from asbestos etc.)
Swiss Army Knife
Monkey Wrench
Maybe something to eat/drink

And here's what we plan to add to the bag in time:

Scanner someone suggested a police radio scanner
spare batteries
spare lightbulbs
spare mini maglite notepad & pen
maps of the area
spare rolls of film
20m of 11mm dynamic climbing-rope
20m of 14mm static tree-climbing rope

And there you have it. This list is by no means 'final' and will most certainly be added too as the situations arise or we start thinking stuff like "Hey, wouldn't it be a cool idea if we put this in here..." As far as what kind of Backpack to use goes, you can use just about any regular school backpack, preferably black. It just has to be big enough to fit the stuff in there. It looks like a big list, but don't worry, the stuffs not heavy or anything. Oh, coming back to that "This list is by no means final concept" we're always looking for suggestions as to what other infiltrators out there carry around with them when they go out and do their thing, so if you have any suggestions as to what else can go in an infiltrating backpack, send us an e-mail and we'll most likely throw it on the site. To those that have already suggested stuff, thanks a lot!

- Shame of All Nations