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- so you've been caught -
know your rights

Problems with El Policia? If approached by a police officer, whether your guilty, suspicious, or innocent its important people know of their rights. The following web site gives you ALL you need to know about your rights in case of a search or if you get approached by a cop etc. READ IT. Its very informative and you'll never know when you'll need the stuff.
I'm putting it on the site mainly for those that have just ran from the cops and are approached minutes later by the police asking questions and to show you what you do and don't have to do if the cop's question you. (i.e when EvolvingFucker and I ran from the cop's, had they searched his bag, we wouldn't have know that they can't just search without a few guidelines or that we don't have to answer the cop's questions etc.) So go to the link, read the article, and print it out and keep it handy or memorize it or something. You'll thank me when the time comes. Even if you don't use it for the infiltration process, its good to know your rights.

- Shame of All Nations