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- glossary -

Just like any other specialized activity, infiltrating comes with it's own set of jargon words, infilspeak. This guide contains words that we've personally created and other terms we've found on various sites. If you want to add any, just email us.

Burn - ruin for others through lack of subtlety (i.e. "some guys burned the new tunnels by tagging everywhere, now they're kept locked")

Hot Spots - an area protected by motion detectors. entering a hot spot sets off the alarm. try and avoid 'em.

Infiltration - going places you're not supposed to go. This covers urban exploration as well as simply dropping in to conventions uninvited and the like. basically removing the mental barriers we place on things. "i shouldn't go there".

Infiltrators - someone who goes into places not open to the public

Rabbit Hole - secret entrance into a location

Safe Zones - area's free of motion detectors

Social Engineering - dealing with people (employees, security guards) in a manner that allows you to get past them or obtain information from them

Tourists - people who infiltrate because they want to cause mischief. tourists don't have respect for infiltrating and a

Vaders - infiltrators. (invaders)

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