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Oakville Public Library - Central Branch...roof

This is another adventure by Shame of All Nations and myself we did one night in September 2000 before heading over to Old OTHS. At the front of the library there's an elaborate metal gate covering a docking bay which makes for a nice ladder, provided by the town. Thank you Town of Oakville.
After the initial climb to the roof, you find yourself on a pretty isolated section. In the above photo, the concrete box part of the building to the right is the building you first climb onto. Nice little view of Navy street but it's nothing special. Here comes the stressful part: at the far left corner of the roof from where you first climb up (right by that blue sign directly above the door on the picture) you're going to have to jump from the concrete building onto the part of the roof above the door. Remember that scene in the Matrix when Neo tries to get around the corner of the building? Right before he drops the cell phone? Bingo. Have fun. But it's worth it. Cross that and you're on the main part of the roof. It's beautiful. The view over looking the harbour, down at Sharky's, is amazing at night. Just be careful with the apartment building right across the street. While you're up there sign the guestbook on the ventilation ducts.


- EvolvingFucker