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What's new on Infiltrators?
Last updated on January 26, 2001

So this is our little infiltrating site, the latest product of our favorite past time. What's infiltrating you ask? Infiltrating's urban/industrial exploration. Simply put, going places you're not supposed to. This may sound simple, but believe me, infiltrating is an art and skill. As we've seen, not everyone's made for it, there's probably a chromosome for it or something. Since we've started infiltrating we've witnessed a number of copy cat groups who lack what it takes. They do it because to them it's just causing mischief, and that's why they are never successful. Infiltrating is about exploring new places that would otherwise be closed off to the general public. It's about stealth and outwitting the forces against you. i.e.. the police, security guards, motion quick or be dead.

Welcome to our webpage, we're the infiltrators.

- Shame of All Nations
- EvolvingFucker