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JANUARY 23, 2001

11:05 -

We're really really sorry about the url change but we ran into some *huge* banner problems with the new website design. Go about your business.

Yet another update, now you have directions to our infiltrations along with a Acrobat map of Oakville and another article about the subculture. Looks like we're trendy.

JANUARY 22, 2001 -

Some major updates, including some pictures and version three of the site!

JANUARY 20, 2001 -

Made some minor updates here and there, mainly spelling and some minor changes to the Old OTHS article, oh and a message board!

JANURARY 19, 2001 -

9:30 pm -

Alright, the second wave of updates is all finished. I've added some new sections: So You've Been Caught and a Glossary. Along with some minor edits here and there. I'm still waiting for some more photos to arrive from Willto and possibly getting my hands on the tourist video made of Old OTHS so i'll leave you with an amazing article that was passed on to me a couple of days ago about our growing subculture. Always nice to be at groundzero of a cultural revolution.

"We don't break locks or bolts or climb over fences; what we're really overcoming is imaginary barriers that are just understood but barely questioned."

7:30 pm -

So after a long and undeserved holiday devoted to school, we're back to work on the site. thanks for all of the email that's been sent to us, it's rekindled work on the website. we didn't think anyone was out there watching us.
Over the next week i hope to get a lot of updating done. the first wave is some pictures of Old OTHS and just some slight alterations. i hope to get some more sections up tonight and to add to the OTHS saga.

OCTOBER 8, 2000 -

Update to the Old OTHS section and just added The Creepy Blair Witch House write up. Enjoy!

OCTOBER 4, 2000 -

Added the adventures of the catwalk and the backpack list, not to mention a planned projects list in the infiltrations section.

OCTOBER 3, 2000 -

Version two of the site is now up and we're hoping to get a new host so we won't have to stare at these damn Tripod banners for much longer.

SEPTEMBER 31, 2000 -

The site's finally up, but it's just raw information. We'll try and dazzle it up over the next week or so and fill in the whatever's missing.
* OTHS is on hold for the time being.