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- rules of the sport -

Infiltration has a few rules that if not followed brings shame and a bad name to those that do it properly. Rules as they pertain to this write up don't just follow the "do this, don't do that" ideal either, I've also thrown in a few "Caution" advice here and there. Most of these are just "things to keep in mind" when infiltrating. So without further ado, here they are.

- NEVER infiltrate alone. At least have one other person with you when you do your thing. If you go alone you could get hurt or stuck or something and you could be very much so fucked. A person going with you can help or go get help; or you may encounter something or someone that's best to have 2 people there for (people looking for a rumble or territorial types re: strength in numbers). Also a friend can ease the tense pressure that comes with infiltrating and it's great having someone to share the adventure with.

- It's always a good idea to let someone know where you're going and what time you can be expected back just in case something should happen to you...

- There's a fine line between "Breaking and Entering" and "Infiltration". Don't break anything to get into the place. Smashing window's is out, as is breaking down a door. If there isn't an available entrance to you, then find another place to go exploring. Try going through an already OPEN window, or a door way. The goal is to make it look like no one was in the building in the first place.

- Exploring Abandoned Buildings can be REALLY dangerous for a few reasons

1. The place is probably layered in asbestos or some other dangerous chemicals
2. Old floor boards and ceilings don't support too much weight and if you step on them/under them you could get hurt
3. (Most important in my mind) There could be other people in the building that you're exploring. Criminals, Homeless, other Infiltrators, Security, whatever. Approach ANYONE you may encounter in an abandoned place, that isn't a friend, with EXTREME caution. If you encounter anyone just say "we're just passing through" if anything at all. Most of the time if you don't bother them, they won't bother you. If there's trouble, try to talk your way out of it. This subculture doesn't need a martyr.

- DO NOT vandalize the building you're in. At most, write your names on the wall as a guest book but don't be stupid about it. You could ruin it for the rest of us.

- Use you're head. The rules I'm giving you on this page won't fully prepare you for stuff you'll encounter out there. You'll be playing it by ear nearly every time you go out.

- If exploring an Abandoned building, WEAR SOMETHING TO PROTECT YOU FROM HARMFUL PARTICLES. Something like asbestos is a CARCINOGEN (that means it causes Cancer kids) and allows you to cough up your lungs.

- Speaking of the asbestos threat in Abandoned buildings, if you move stuff in the place don't do it too much as you could stir up the stuff and make a nice asbestos threat for you in seconds.

- You're probably thinking "I won't carry ID with me! If I have ID it'll just endanger me if the police talk to me. Besides, if I don't have it, my anonymity will be safe" well guess what folks? The cop's HATE it when you don't have ID and it's just easier for you to carry it along and besides, you won't be Mr. Anonymous when you have to give them your name. It's just a lot less of a hassle to have it with you.

- Its usually not a good idea to run from the Police, (do as I say and not as I do). If you see a cop, and your around the infiltration area and haven't done anything wrong or don't look like you're doing anything wrong then don't go anywhere. Just say "we were just hanging out " or "we didn't have any intentions of going in officer, we just wanted to see what the place looked like on the outside" or something far better than that. Of course, if you've been caught shining a flashlight in a window or you look super suspicious or have been caught going in, then it'll probably be better to run for your life. And if you DO run, run fast, and find a good place to hide because it'll look a lot worse if you run AND get caught...Assess the situation accordingly though. You'll be able to guess when it's wise to run and when it's not I'm sure.

- If you go in a building that is frequented by people (i.e. a Hospital) look like you're supposed to be there. I'm not saying dress up as a doctor like in a spy movie or anything, just act like you belong. Something as
simple as a clipboard or a "busy" look on your face could make all the difference. In some places, there will probably be an overall look that will need to be achieved to ensure your fun isn't cut short. Again, assess
the situation accordingly. If I were to go in my usual clothing to something like the Royal York hotel for example, well it'd just scream "hey! I'm not supposed to be here! Trespasser right here sir!!!" so you may have to "dress up" to fit in.

- Wear old clothes or something you won't care about ripping or getting dirty when exploring abandoned buildings. It can get pretty grimy in those places.

- Don't charge into a place without assessing things first. Are there motion detectors? Is there surveillance equipment? If there's security where will they come from? If I need to make a quick escape which way
should I go out? Are a few things to keep in mind. THINK before you go in that's all I'm saying

- Abandoned buildings, especially the old ones, will probably have some old floorboards and ceilings and will more or less be a death trap if not approached carefully. Be weary of places you go in

- If you have a flashlight, make sure you bring extra batteries and a spare

- Fear asbestos my friends. Just because there is no sign saying "Hey! Asbestos right over here!" doesn't mean its not there.
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